Septic Tank Pumping & Cleaning in Maple Valley, WA

Septic tank pumping and septic cleaning performed regularly on your Maple Valley home or business will improve your system’s efficiency and keep it running smoothly. This will mean fewer repairs down the road and significant cost saving in the long-run. Getting a regular septic tank cleaning helps you save money on costly repairs, but it also protects your family from waste exposure and helps keep local water systems cleaner.

When to Get Septic Tank Pumping, Drainage, or Septic Cleaning Services

Septic tank pumping and septic cleaning should be done every 3 to 5 years on your Maple Valley home or business, depending on household size and usage. Regular septic tank pumping, septic cleaning, and septic tank drainage maintenance can reduce accumulation of the scum layer in your septic tank. The scum layer should never reach more than 24 inches. If the material reaches 24 inches in depth or more, there is a risk that material will flow into the outlet pipe and into the drain field, causing drain field failure. Now is the time to get on board with our septic tank cleaning services here in Maple Valley. Our septic tank cleaning and septic tank drainage options are as one-of-a-kind as the outstanding staff that delivers them to you right here with Lily’s Septic Tank Services.

Why You Should Pump Your Septic System Regularly

In a Maple Valley pressure distribution septic system, the excess material can travel into the pump tank, causing the effluent (sewage) pump damage or failure. In this case, the material is pumped out to the drain field laterals, essentially causing septic system (drain field) failure with our options for septic tank drainage. When the Scum Layer reaches more than 24 inches in the tank, not only do you risk damaging the drain field, but excess material charges may apply to the cost of your Maple Valley septic tank pumping service.  Material over 24″ is considered excess, meaning extra costs are incurred to dispose of the excess waste, more gallons are taken onto the septic pump truck, and you will be charged for extra labor and time than would normally be charged for a tank that has been properly maintained and pumped every 3 to 5 years. Save money, time, and hassle by letting Lilly’s Septic take care of your septic tank drainage issues.

Septic Tank Lids and How to Find Them

To have any septic pumping performed within the Maple Valley area, you will need to locate the main compartment and 2nd compartment lid of your septic tank. It is best to uncover the baffle lids also, so we can check your inlet baffle for blockages. That way we can also clean the screen in the outlet baffle, which we highly recommend if one is installed. Lilly’s Septic Tank Service, we encourage customers to locate and dig their own septic tank lid, which will save you money and allow us to get the job done quicker. The septic tank is generally located approximately 5 feet from the house, in line with the lowest bathroom or kitchen. We can even obtain an as-built drawing from King County for you at no additional charge. An as-built will give the general location of the Septic Tank, however it will not give the exact location of the lids. If you prefer not to or if you cannot find your septic tank lids, Lilly’s Septic Tank Service can still locate and dig your septic tank lids for you.

Call Lilly’s Septic Tank Service for More Information

Contact Lilly’s Septic Tank Service, your local choice for septic tank drainage, septic tank cleaning and septic pumping, for more information on our septic tank cleaning services in Maple Valley and throughout King County. Our Maple Valley septic tank drainage professionals at Lilly’s Septic Tank Service are happy to serve as your septic system resources and to provide any pertinent information. If you have septic tank questions or you would like to book an appointment for Septic Services in Maple Valley, then please give us a call. Trust the septic experts for your next septic inspection, septic pumping, maintenance, or repair project to make sure everything is done right the first time. Allow our Maple Valley technicians to bring you the quality septic services you need.

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