Here at Lilly’s Septic Tank Service, we know exactly how your septic system works and we’re here to educate you as well. Taking good care of your septic system starts with education. Anything you put down a drain or toilet goes straight into your septic tank. It will stay there, decomposing through natural bacterial action. Then, the wastewater flows out of the tank and through the drain field. Over time, three layers form in a septic tank: a layer of sludge at the bottom, wastewater in the middle, and scum at the top.

What are Septic Tanks and Their Use?

Your home’s septic tank is an underground tank in which waste matter is decomposed through bacterial action. If there is too much solid material in your septic tank, the “bacterial action” is not taking place properly. Why? Not enough bacteria. There are two main parts to the basic Septic System: the tank and the drain field. The household wastewater flows into the tank where the average detention time is 30 hours. The tank should have at least a 1,000-gallon capacity, perhaps larger depending on the size of your household and usage.

Sludge, Build-Up and Other Common Septic Issues

The sludge and scum stay in the tank where bacteria work to break them down. On time, however, these layers build up. When they become too large, your tank needs to be pumped. If the tank is not pumped annually, your septic performance will suffer. The solid build-up may be carried into your drain field, clogging it and potentially causing complete system failure. The extreme cost and inconvenience of repairing a failed system can usually be avoided by basic preventative maintenance such as regularly pumping your Maple Valley septic tank.

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