Pump Alarms sounding due to heavy rainfall

Is your Septic Tank Alarm going off?  If we have had heavy rainfall in the Northwest just before or during a Pump Alarm situation this may be due to a high water level in the Pump Tank. If your Septic System Pump Alarm is sounding and we are having heavy rainfall,  you may have a saturated drainfield that will not allow the pump to disperse water into the drainfield lines because they are not able to drain properly due to standing water in the drainfield.  If this is not taken care of quickly the Septic Pump could burn up due to running continually due to resistance in the lines. Heavy rainfall can also cause water infiltration into the Septic Tank and into the Pump Tank, consequentially causing a high water level in the Pump Tank  that causes the Pump alarm to sound.  If this is the case you will want to have sealed risers installed or make sure that your current lids are seated properly so they will not allow water infiltration into the Septic Tank or Pump Tank.

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