Lilly’s Septic Tank Service unveils new website

King County, Wa, March 15, 2011 King County homeowners would be happy to think of anything other than their septic Tank Pumping and Maintenance. The trouble is there are so many reasons why homeowners must think about their septic Systems, many which can become all too apparent. For example: when malodorous sludge bubbles up in the middle of your lawn or that ominous gurgling when you flush and you get a backup of sludge into the bathtub. Lilly’s Septic Service announces the creation of a new website,, to advance awareness of its full suite of products and services. offers one-stop-shopping for home and business owners looking for affordable eco-friendly solutions to their septic needs. The new website has a simple, clean look, and provides easy navigation throughout.  On the “Blog” page, Lilly’s Septic Service offers Monthly Tips Septic, Septic Systems Explained, Septic Do’s & Do Not’s, Septic FAQs and offers tips for water conservation and maintaining a healthy septic system. In addition to Lilly’s Septic Services commitment to educating their customers, Lilly’s believes in convenient availability. Whether you’re the home owner whose lawn is being overtaken by your septic tank, or the business owner experiencing a code-red septic waste management emergency, Lilly’s Septic Service can be called upon, even if you are not able to be at the property, to send a service professional to address the problem. Lilly’s Septic Tank Service goes to market as a total eco-friendly solution for every septic need. With customer service unmatched in the industry, Lilly’s Septic Tank Service provides everything from new Septic System installations, Home Sale Septic Inspections to septic tank Pumping, maintenance, troubleshooting and Septic System Repairs and Pump Alarm Service Calls.   Lilly’s Septic’s new website makes it easier than ever for residents and business owners of County Washington State  to access services and ultimately to spend less time worrying about your septic tank.

Lilly’s Septic Tank Service provides quality, environmentally-conscious, and expert Septic Tank Services to the King's County area of Washington.